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Tristate Care is a very reliable name in the emergency medical services sector that has been serving people and helping them out in emergency medical situations.

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Tristate Care has been there in the service for more than a decade. We are proud that we have been able to help people in emergency situations and make their lives better. The service that we provide is of the finest quality and is something that makes us exceptional in every aspect.

What is our services

Here are some of the services that we provide to the people who are in need.

Ground Ambulance

Our ground ambulance fleet is one of the best as we have properly maintained vehicles with trained staff.


Medical Communications Centre

We have a properly functioning medical communications center that is armed with dedicated professionals who are ready to provide the required services.

Tele Health

Contact us and let us know your health complications. We will offer the best solutions.


Caring, Accountable Responsive.

All the staff is trained and dedicated professional who is ready to go that extra mile to save the lives of people who are in need.

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what we offer

high-quality pre-hospital care

The quality care that we offer is something that cannot be matched by anyone.

highly-trained paramedics

All of our staff are trained and certified professionals who can give the best treatments.

critical care team via helicopter

If there is an immediate emergency we have a critical care team that can be sent with a helicopter ambulance.

We are working 24/7, you can call us at any time 301-258-9424

We are proud to serve the people

We do not want to play the humble game her. We are proud that we are able to reach out to a lot of people and help them in times of emergency.

Latest Updates

The Importance of Donating

The Importance of Donating

Our Emergency Medical Center provides health services that are essential for the health sector. We have good cooperation with other hospitals, fire departments, and the police, and our cooperation with these institutions is very important for the safety and security in our society. The services we provide are either funded by the national or the local government, or they are supported by donations. We accept donations in either money or equipment. These kinds of donations come especially when we perform well and save the life of a notable and respectable person. After such an event, we usually get some TV coverage, and with TV appearance comes the attention. We have received donations in EMS equipment, vehicles, beds and linens, TVs, water bottles, and money. Still, one of the most interesting donations we have accepted was in small air purifiers similar to the ones on Clean Breathing’s website.


Donating to an organization or a cause that you like and believe in will contribute to a better tomorrow. If you don’t have anything material to donate, don’t forget that you can donate your time. Volunteers, whether individuals or groups, can be more helpful for the EMS than money. There are a few NGOs who have trained medical personnel and provide EMS services with constant help and support and for that, we are very grateful. Donating your time or money is also very beneficial for the community. After all, relationships built on solidarity and compassion are the most healthy relationships. With examples of our donations, we educate our children on the values of giving. Ergo, donating is basically investing in the future.


Donating can also bring you joy. There’s medical and scientific research that has proven that donating does, in fact, bring you joy. According to the British Charity Aid Foundation, 42% of people who donate their money and time do it simply because it brings them pleasure. Furthermore, donating can change your emotional state and make you feel better. That’s why if you have a chance to donate to a notable cause, do it whenever you can. These values are essential for how our community develops. We will continue offering our services, and you try to live a life based on solidarity, compassion, and donations.

Best Ways to Kill Bathroom Germs

Best Ways to Kill Bathroom Germs

Tristate Care is a very reliable name in the emergency medical services sector that has been serving people and helping them out in emergency medical situations. This blog will talk about various aspects of this field that should be of relevance to readers. We will touch on a variety of topics that should strike a chord in most people.

Today I am all about hygiene and cleanliness. It seems to be a rather important subject that merits serious attention. Emergencies revolve around home accidents, and some of them happen during daily chores. People accidentally spill chemicals on themselves or a child ingests a cleaning solution. It is not always about falling down or slamming your hand in the door. Thus, it is time to talk about bathroom cleaning where a lot goes on.

It is an area that gets cleaned daily and all those products come out in force. This is germ city for sure, especially the toilet. Oddly enough, people who use their smartphones on the john smear them with thousands, if not millions, of germs. The toilet is one of the dirtiest places around and you have to clean it like a pro.

It’s pretty simple if you follow a few basic tips:

  • Use good products, especially those that are “green” and nontoxic. This will eliminate a few trips to the emergency room every year. Wonderful choices abound in most grocery and specialty stores, all of which can be purchased online and delivered right to your door.
  • Protect your hands and face if using harsh chemicals that may be necessary under certain circumstances. Be judicious with these products and store them out of reach after securing their caps or lids.
  • Consider self-cleaning toilets and if they are not an option, some products can be added to a receptacle for frequent release. You won’t have to touch them every time the toilet bowl needs a touch up.
  • Safety is of the essence so take every precaution. Use rubber gloves, a nose and mouth mask or other protective measures. Some products exude an odor that can harm the delicate mucous membranes of the sinus passages.

It doesn’t take an emergency medical service expert to know the ropes, but we can remind you often of using the proper procedure in the most-used room in the house. Of course, these tips apply to kitchens, especially ovens where intense fumes prevail if you use the most common brands. Self-cleaning is once again the answer to accident prevention.

Different types of EMS services

Different types of EMS services

EMS or Emergency Medical service is the service that is provided out of the hospital premises to the patients who are in an urgency to be attended. The emergency medical service plays a very important role in the health care sector and also in society.

Emergency medical service is not something that functions alone. It is connected to a lot of other departments. Many people think that EMS is a single entity and there is nothing more. But the fact is that there are many types of EMS. In this article, we will see the different types of EMS in detail.

Government EMS

The government emergency medical services are the ones that function separately or else collaborate with various other departments in the local area. These medical services are either funded by the local government or by the national government. There are a few countries where you only find these kinds of medical services. For example, in the United Kingdom, all the emergency ambulances are a part of National Health Services.


Voluntary EMS

Voluntary EMS refers to the NGOs and charity organizations that operate ambulances. They do a similar job what a government organization does. There are a few organizations that do these works flawlessly and with full commitment. They have all the equipment, trained medical personnel and a lot of other things. There are countries where they do it full time, and there are few where they do it part-time.

Private ambulance services

The private ambulance services are the ones that run by private companies. Basically, it is their business. They operate independently or have tie-ups with hospitals. They charge for the services that they offer. They have a separate number through which they can be contacted to avail their services.

Fire and Police linked Service

In many countries like America, France, Germany, and Japan the majority of the ambulances are operated by either by the fire department or by the police department. You can find these kinds of things in the rural areas. It is because it is very difficult to maintain a separate department for providing some particular services and most importantly it is very cost effective and saves a lot of money for both the local and the national governments. It might not be a great thing when it comes to handling serious cases, but it is a perfect option in case of some illness or injury. There are a lot of localities where firefighters are the ones who respond first for the medical emergency calls. They have a separate ambulance with which they carry out the process.

Police and fire service

Hospitals based

There are a lot of hospitals that have their own ambulances. They use it for their own purpose by transporting their patients. These ambulances are generally equipped with all the necessary things that are required to transport the patients without any kind of problems.


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