EMS or Emergency Medical service is the service that is provided out of the hospital premises to the patients who are in an urgency to be attended. The emergency medical service plays a very important role in the health care sector and also in society.

Emergency medical service is not something that functions alone. It is connected to a lot of other departments. Many people think that EMS is a single entity and there is nothing more. But the fact is that there are many types of EMS. In this article, we will see the different types of EMS in detail.

Government EMS

The government emergency medical services are the ones that function separately or else collaborate with various other departments in the local area. These medical services are either funded by the local government or by the national government. There are a few countries where you only find these kinds of medical services. For example, in the United Kingdom, all the emergency ambulances are a part of National Health Services.


Voluntary EMS

Voluntary EMS refers to the NGOs and charity organizations that operate ambulances. They do a similar job what a government organization does. There are a few organizations that do these works flawlessly and with full commitment. They have all the equipment, trained medical personnel and a lot of other things. There are countries where they do it full time, and there are few where they do it part-time.

Private ambulance services

The private ambulance services are the ones that run by private companies. Basically, it is their business. They operate independently or have tie-ups with hospitals. They charge for the services that they offer. They have a separate number through which they can be contacted to avail their services.

Fire and Police linked Service

In many countries like America, France, Germany, and Japan the majority of the ambulances are operated by either by the fire department or by the police department. You can find these kinds of things in the rural areas. It is because it is very difficult to maintain a separate department for providing some particular services and most importantly it is very cost effective and saves a lot of money for both the local and the national governments. It might not be a great thing when it comes to handling serious cases, but it is a perfect option in case of some illness or injury. There are a lot of localities where firefighters are the ones who respond first for the medical emergency calls. They have a separate ambulance with which they carry out the process.

Police and fire service

Hospitals based

There are a lot of hospitals that have their own ambulances. They use it for their own purpose by transporting their patients. These ambulances are generally equipped with all the necessary things that are required to transport the patients without any kind of problems.