Tristate Care is a very reliable name in the emergency medical services sector that has been serving people and helping them out in emergency medical situations. This blog will talk about various aspects of this field that should be of relevance to readers. We will touch on a variety of topics that should strike a chord in most people.

Today I am all about hygiene and cleanliness. It seems to be a rather important subject that merits serious attention. Emergencies revolve around home accidents, and some of them happen during daily chores. People accidentally spill chemicals on themselves or a child ingests a cleaning solution. It is not always about falling down or slamming your hand in the door. Thus, it is time to talk about bathroom cleaning where a lot goes on.

It is an area that gets cleaned daily and all those products come out in force. This is germ city for sure, especially the toilet. Oddly enough, people who use their smartphones on the john smear them with thousands, if not millions, of germs. The toilet is one of the dirtiest places around and you have to clean it like a pro.

It’s pretty simple if you follow a few basic tips:

  • Use good products, especially those that are “green” and nontoxic. This will eliminate a few trips to the emergency room every year. Wonderful choices abound in most grocery and specialty stores, all of which can be purchased online and delivered right to your door.
  • Protect your hands and face if using harsh chemicals that may be necessary under certain circumstances. Be judicious with these products and store them out of reach after securing their caps or lids.
  • Consider self-cleaning toilets and if they are not an option, some products can be added to a receptacle for frequent release. You won’t have to touch them every time the toilet bowl needs a touch up.
  • Safety is of the essence so take every precaution. Use rubber gloves, a nose and mouth mask or other protective measures. Some products exude an odor that can harm the delicate mucous membranes of the sinus passages.

It doesn’t take an emergency medical service expert to know the ropes, but we can remind you often of using the proper procedure in the most-used room in the house. Of course, these tips apply to kitchens, especially ovens where intense fumes prevail if you use the most common brands. Self-cleaning is once again the answer to accident prevention.