Our Emergency Medical Center provides health services that are essential for the health sector. We have good cooperation with other hospitals, fire departments, and the police, and our cooperation with these institutions is very important for the safety and security in our society. The services we provide are either funded by the national or the local government, or they are supported by donations. We accept donations in either money or equipment. These kinds of donations come especially when we perform well and save the life of a notable and respectable person. After such an event, we usually get some TV coverage, and with TV appearance comes the attention. We have received donations in EMS equipment, vehicles, beds and linens, TVs, water bottles, and money. Still, one of the most interesting donations we have accepted was in small air purifiers similar to the ones on Clean Breathing’s website.


Donating to an organization or a cause that you like and believe in will contribute to a better tomorrow. If you don’t have anything material to donate, don’t forget that you can donate your time. Volunteers, whether individuals or groups, can be more helpful for the EMS than money. There are a few NGOs who have trained medical personnel and provide EMS services with constant help and support and for that, we are very grateful. Donating your time or money is also very beneficial for the community. After all, relationships built on solidarity and compassion are the most healthy relationships. With examples of our donations, we educate our children on the values of giving. Ergo, donating is basically investing in the future.


Donating can also bring you joy. There’s medical and scientific research that has proven that donating does, in fact, bring you joy. According to the British Charity Aid Foundation, 42% of people who donate their money and time do it simply because it brings them pleasure. Furthermore, donating can change your emotional state and make you feel better. That’s why if you have a chance to donate to a notable cause, do it whenever you can. These values are essential for how our community develops. We will continue offering our services, and you try to live a life based on solidarity, compassion, and donations.