The August A119 was chosen for many factors, speed “cruising speed” 140 KTS or over 160 MPH, and most of all safety. The A109 with its two engine configuration gives TriState CareFlight the confidents that we are flying the best aircraft available.

Agusta 119 Koala 2

The pilot has the most current weather available on a moving map that displays weather between his aircraft and his destination while in flight. In the western United States where rapid developing storms and high winds up to the minute onboard weather if everything.

Because of the ability of our aircraft to fly vast distances in a very short time we need to communicate to many hospitals, law enforcement agencies, fire departments and EMS agencies across multiple states. The pilot and medical crew can communicate with anyone, any place, any time across the world. They utilize VHF, UHF, FM, and 800 MHz radio capabilities. The aircraft is also equipped with a satellite phone.

The crew is equipped with the newest technology in night vision goggles. Night Vision Goggles or NVG’s amplify ambient light more than , to make the darkest night become day.

Agusta 109 Power2

Our 24/7/365 communications center is second to none. It has state of the art computer-aided dispatching (CAD).

TriState CareFlight aircraft are tracked consistently with satellite tracking. There is a data signal from the aircraft every 6 seconds, leaving a “breadcrumb trail” on a map that shows the aircraft’s location. The data signal gives the aircraft’s position, speed, altitude, and direction of flight for constant updates on aircraft progress.